Finally! The answer I was looking for.

Finally! The answer I was looking for. Allergy elimination for my 2 year old. After being told by our allergist that there was nothing I could do but hope my child grew out of his severe food allergies (dairy, eggs, and nuts), I was thrilled to learn about Dr. Bellfield and his allergy treatments. As a Registered Dietician and a mom, I know first hand how hard it is to avoid foods/ingredients that may cause you or your child to have an allergic reaction. It can be overwhelming. When I was told about the allergy treatments, I was excited but skeptical. Not anymore. I’m a huge believer! We are currently half way through the treatments and the results so far are amazing. It is so easy and completely worth while. We have also begun reintroducing some of the foods back into my child’s diet. I won’t lie…I was terrified to add these foods back into his diet. But we are excited to say he is doing wonderfully!


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