…nothing short of a miracle for me.

Sept 27, 2010

Dear Dr. Bellfield,

I am writing to tell you that the allergy treatments I have received from Balance Chiropractic are nothing short of a miracle for me. For forty years I have suffered from severe allergies from all grasses, weeds, trees, smoke, mold, chemicals and foods.  If not controlled my allergies result in severe bouts of asthma. Before finding these treatments I was on seven different medications from March through October. In September I nearly wore my nebulizer. At one point in my life, I was unable to work, walk, laugh or talk without gasping for breath. It was recommended to me that I should start a third bout of allergy shots, which did not work for me and had side effects. Fortunately, a friend referred me to the allergy treatments at your clinic.

The allergy treatments are painless, take 10 minutes and have vastly improved the quality of my life. Even though I am not cured and  still take some medication,  during the Spring and Summer I can be outside  and I can enjoy my life without prednizone.   The treatments have been the best investment of time and dollars that I have ever spent.

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