I have seen results!

How was your experience at Balance Chiropractic? – 10

We were visiting the ER once every 9 months for my son’s allergic reactions to food.  We had him tested through blood and prick tests – it was painful for my son and the more we wanted to learn what he was allergic too – the more the doctors either had to prick him on his back or draw blood.  Dr. B was able to provide a full range of my son’s allergies without any pain or discomfort to my 4 year old son.  I don’t understand why it works, but I’ve seen the results.  My son is now 7 and while we don’t see Dr. B as much Marc can now eat all the foods that he was treated for; eggs and every type of nut that exsists – his skin looks better too and that’s just a whole other story; no more skin infections from scratching too hard and no more antibiotics.  No more stressing over Marc accidently eating a cracker with peanut butter – now he eats granola bars with nuts and likes them. For all those disbelievers – you don’t grow out of an allergy in 6 weeks and that’s the results you can expect after Dr. B’s treatment.

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